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Accelerate your web app delivery - you just focus on building your web apps, while we've got your backend.
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The fastest path to build, deploy & maintain Web Apps

Plant an App is a complete cloud-based rapid development platform that provides all the facilities required to support the complete life cycle of building and delivering web applications entirely on the web. We are featured by:


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Why Plant an App?

Enhanced Business Agility

Forget cookie-cutter software. is highly customizable right out of the box with a host of settings to help you build the exact app you need to align with your business goals. Plus it comes with a collection of templates such as an invoicing system, a helpdesk solution, a CRM to kickstart app development.

Cost Effective

You can focus on application expertise for your business, not managing complex hardware and software infrastructure. Focusing development resources and spending less headcount on unneeded expertise are both benefits that intuitively translate into reducing costs. With you are tapping into a real economy of scale.

Zero Infrastructure

Focus on your web apps, not infrastructure maintenance. With access to Internet, you can create web apps anywhere, anytime using just a web browser. No software to install, no servers to buy and maintain, no headaches. All smiles.

Little to No Coding offers a highly intuitive interface with a simple yet powerful set of visual, point and click tools that anyone can use to build web apps. With little to no coding, you can quickly and easily create custom web apps with complex business logic and beautiful user interfaces that work on any device.

Mobile Friendly

Put most mobile device users on the planet within your reach. web apps are optimized for tablets and smart phones, so they'll automatically resize to look great on any mobile device.

Dozens of Integrations

Implement business logic spanning multiple systems in no time. platform is unified and connected with popular third-party services so you can connect and access data from external sources with point and click simplicity.

About us

Streamline building web apps it's our craft and passion

Plant an App is a low-code cloud-based platform for the rapid development and deployment of web applications. Behind the platform it’s one of the fastest growing technology startups, with presence on 3 continents, 3000 clients and a decade of experience building thousands of web applications.